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(Grace & Hugo)

Hugo and Grace Badillo

Hugo and I both began teaching nearly 10 years ago. We trained and continue to train with some of the leading professional dancers in the nation and internationally including Joby Martinez (Salsa Brava) , Eddie Torres (King of Mambo Dance) , Tito Ortos (Puerto Rican Style Expert and Creator of the Salsa Open Contest at The Puerto Rican Salsa Congress), Jorge Santana (African Dances Expert). Certified to teach LA Style, NY Style & Puerto Rican Style salsa by the University of Salsa in Puerto Rico, Hugo and I have developed our own dynamic method of teaching called the DWG Method. As members of many dance organizations such as the World Salsa Federation, Dance Baltimore.org & the Maryland Dance.org, Great Dance.com, we strive to provide the highest quality of technical dance instruction in Maryland. Along with practice and our continued dedication to our students our skills are growing daily. We have been happily married for 4 years and dedicate our business and lives to God as we would definitely have two left feet without his help! Ha ha!

Our favorite styles of dance to teach are LA Style Salsa-on-1and Bachata. Checkout our instructional Salsa Videos released in April 2006! Our company also teaches Cha-Cha-Cha, Rumba, Samba, Merengue and Hula. We are also agents for many dance entertainers and provide entertainment for every kind of party or affair be it salsa or any of the ballroom dances. We have personally won local contests in the past but choose not to compete because we want to stay married! Ha ha! We dance because we love it, NOT FOR THE MONEY (although it's a nice perk!), NOT FOR THE PRESTIGE, AND NOT FOR THE THRILL OF SHOWING OFF.

We have performed for entertainment, weddings, festivities, charitable events, for corporations team building, colleges, choreography, club socials, and holiday parties. We have done classes at all kinds of functions including those listed above. We have performed for Salsabration here in Baltimore and have been in numerous commercials!

Our philosophy of dance is that it is an expression of joy, love and communication through movement. Our style is much more classical and romantic rather than going through a series of moves consecutively regardless of the music you hear. Have you ever seen a really great dancer dance with his or her partner and suddenly their partner disappears because one person is "showboating" and showing off throughout the entire dance? This kind of egotism in dance is disappointing to us as we believe the man is the frame and the lady is the picture. We believe it's the gentleman's job to make every woman he dances with look like the best dancer in the room and not dance beyond her level; this is a sensitive lead. We teach salsa etiquette along with dance movement and hope that this increases the pleasure of dancing salsa through being aware of your partners needs.

Dancing With Grace Productions Inc. is comprised of several instructors including Hugo Badillo , myself (Grace Badillo ), and Roberto Lira. Each of these instructors has become part of the Dancing with Grace Productions Family and we love them dearly! Checkout out instructors page for a biography.

We look forward to helping you with your dancing needs so don't be afraid! We break it down step by step in a simple easy way!


Grace & Hugo Badillo
Partners in Love and Salsa for Life! :)

Dancing With Grace In Tampa, Florida

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