Hugo Badillo
To Be Superman
My Wedding Ceremony
Whistling the last song I heard over and over and over again
Volleyball, Weightlifting, UFC Championship Fights
Show, Play? What are those? Boring
My family in Puerto Rico
Being out of debt!
Body Sculpting is fun!
The Ultimate Fighter
When I finished my website!
To find time to rest
Hate it; they should be banned
isnt important to me
picnicing & taking a nap on the beach
my wife
working too hard, interuppting people
delivering newspapers
Cameo cookies, Nilla Wafers, Ice Cream
Eating no matter what time it is
That everyone be as blessed as I am
Grace makes me see them once every few months
my dad
Salsa DVD's
that everyone can find out that life isnt about them
Superman (not the new one)
my wife
brought me the love of my life
is my best friend
is that you come to know peace
is about giving more that we can