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Salsa - Ladies Styling Dance Classes & Training

For ladies who love salsa, how you move is how you express yourself in Salsa! When you become confident in movement, rhythm & the hits in the music, you will be able to enjoy the Salsa even more!

Most of you know that Salsa/Mambo are partner dances, but what many people don't tell you when you first start is how often we dance solo in front of our partners. More than 1/3 of the dance is improvisational and done without touching your partner. This improvisation and unique individual expression is something we do to pay homage to the roots of salsa. Many old folkloric dance movements are used to do improvisational dancing, which incorporate styling techniques and turns. The techniques for women are called Lady Styling. They are heavily used alone or together with your dance partner.

Ladies Styling Teams, Classes & Workshops are specifically designed to focus on how to move and enjoy our femininity. In day to day life we sometimes fail to embrace our natural femininity. A ladies styling class, team or workshop is a tailor-made Salsa class especially for women. It includes women’s footwork coordination, footwork patterns, arm drills, facial dancing, turning technique, body movement, body isolations, poise and position work, shoulder work respectable body movement, and finger/wrist styling.

Taking one of Grace’s Lady Styling Lessons, Team Class or Workshops will help broaden your movement repertoire and give you confidence on the dance floor. If you have moves but you feel you want to add more sparkle and femininity to your dancing, please join Grace for any Beginner, Intermediate or Dance Team Lesson. If you decide to come to a team styling class and feel that you will be too behind to catch up, DON'T WORRY, everyone is working at their own pace! You can join them at your own level without stressing. Grace is a patient instructor who is famous for teaching people with HIGH LEVELS of social anxiety as well as the blind, partially paralyzed, wheelchair bound, obese, and/or elderly dance student. She specializes in TWO LEFT FEET & HANDS! So remember, if you have told yourself you have two left feet that’s great! Every person that tells themselves they have two left feet, also have HUMILTY, and that’s a great virtue in my book!

Come learn new ways to express yourself with elegance and grace, all while making new friends and long lasting memories. Join Grace and The DWG Angels today! To Chat With Grace about it, try to catch her between lessons 11-2 pm daily except Sabbath Sunday: 813.943.1117

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